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BREAKING NEWS: Token Darts Broken, WI Member Gets One Dart!

First, the bad news. As all of you are now aware, there is a glitch today in Webkinz World with the Token Darts all day activity. We first want to inform you that you are not alone, the glitch is happening across all accounts in all time zones. Whenever someone clicks on the daily activity, the game starts and automatically says that you have used all of your darts!

Now, the good news! Some users in our Webkinz Forum, WebkinzPaPa, SnowCrystal and fluffrnuttr, discovered a workaround so that all of us can get one dart to try our luck at winning a wish token! His trick doesn't get you all 5 darts that you would get if the game were working properly but I believe he said it best when he said "One is better than none!".  Here's how it works:

Click the activity to start it and the following pop-up will tell you that you have used all of your darts for today. Don't click it!

Instead, click the Log Out button in the upper right corner of your page.

The pop-up will change to the one below, asking you if you want to log out.  Click "No".

Your Token Darts game will still be working and the "You have used all of your darts" box is gone! Click the "OK" button on the instruction box and then throw your dart at a balloon!

Your darts will go to -1 and you'll win whatever was behind the balloon that you popped.  You can win Kinz Cash, Virtual Plushes, or a Wish Token.  I was unlucky and didn't get anything, but at least I had the chance!

You may notice that you can do this multiple times, but the system is programmed so that any time you try the trick after the first time, all the darts are "duds" and the balloons will all be empty! Good luck everyone, hope you all get Wish Tokens!!


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