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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Discovers Free Webkinz Trial!

We've seen a ton of speculation about the Webkinz Mutt in our forum over the past few weeks and it appears that webkinz_forever from our Webkinz forum has solved the mystery! We bring you the very first news of the free trial site from Ganz:

You will notice the difference on the login and register buttons and you can sign up for free, in multiple languages, as webkinz_forever signed up for the free trial in German! When you create a new account, a clipboard message comes up and explains that free trial accounts only last for one day.  Many had initially thought that these free trial accounts would be similar to Club Penguin or Build-a-Bearville, with limited access, but a permanent account.

You go through the activation process with Ms. Birdy and can choose just about any account name, as it is a separate system from the real Webkinz World.  I was able to create a new account with my regular Webkinz World account name! You don't get to choose the gender or name of your pet, it's automatically a boy Webkinz Mutt name Patches.

When you get your room, you are given 5000 Kinz Cash and a few other small items for your room, along with a Wish Token and the Webkinz Mutt Gift Box.  The Webkinz Mutt's PSI is the Webkinz Dragster and the PSF is a Burger and Bun, which may explain the issue some time ago with the Burger going missing from the W Shop!

UPDATE:  It appears that this Free Trial may have not been intented for residents of Canada or the United States.  This afternoon the following error started popping up for members living in those countries, even for those who were able to access the Free Trial earlier in the day. 

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