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BREAKING NEWS: Two Player Games Return, Coupon Glitch!

In mid-September, we reported that Ganz would be adding the two player Tournament Games back in to the Tournament Arena before Christmas.  A user from our forum, tjhallow, spotted the new games which are Atomicolicious, Link'D, Rock Paper Scissors and Webkinz Supermodels.
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I tried several times to play Atomicolicious in the Arena and each time it would find me an opponent and then sit at the screen pictured above for about 30 seconds.  Then, it would drop out and give me the following error message.

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One of the users from our forum, meganmonkee, has discovered possible new functionality in Webkinz World, or perhaps just a glitch with coupons.  When she attempted to buy a treadmill with a 10% coupon in the W Shop, it calculated her purchase with cents, as shown below.

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Upon trying to complete her purchase, Webkinz World logged her out. There are many people now reporting this same behavior with coupons, so we're not sure if it's a glitch or if Ganz is planning to add cents to Webkinz World.  In any event, please know that if you get logged out of the W Shop while trying to use a coupon, this is a widespread issue and not isolated to your account!


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