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Trick or Treat? Halloween Gift Bag in Webkinz World

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It's a fitting title to what we've seen happening all over our Webkinz Insider forum: a few people have received both the Halloween card and gift bag, some have received only the card, others only the bag, while most of them have received neither! Trick-or-treat?

As with glitches and issues in the past, we want to let everyone know: You are not alone! At this point, we are unsure if Ganz is aware of, or intends to fix, the issues with the Halloween gift.

For the record, I was "tricked" on a few accounts and "treated" on one with only the gift bag.  Here are some pictures of the card and the contents of the gift bag: a Pumpkin Pop, Fearsome Fang Gummies, and a Mummy Wrap.  Those of you who got the gift bag, be careful with the Fearsome Fang Gummies -- they are food and not a costume piece so your pet will eat them!

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webkinz cheats

UPDATE: We've heard reports in our forum that those who didn't receive their gifts were able to force Webkinz World to give them the Halloween gift by logging and out a few times. This isn't a guarantee, but it has worked for some!


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