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ORNAMENT NEWS: How to have fun decorating your tree with new Ornaments:

Guide written by Webkinz Insider member, Webberlily:

It was a really exciting day for me when I walked into my local Hallmark store, and saw... the new Christmas Tree Ornaments! All 24 of them! They were on the rack among the Series 1 and 2 Figurines, and the packaging is similar. If you go shopping for them, keep a sharp look-out. Retailers may not think of them as ornaments, and may tell you that they don't have them. This is what they look like:

A few FAQ's:

Cost: I paid $5.49 at Hallmark in Canada. Prices will vary.

How many do you need?: One will unlock the tree and catalogue. I would let a young child choose his 3 favourite ornaments. A teen-ager could have 5 or 6. Only the die-hard collectors need get the whole set. Since each ornament unlocks 3 virtual ones, you only need to get a few to enjoy all the features. I have written this guide to help you make the best choice of your favourite ornaments according to everyone's varying tastes. 

The Tree: It occupies 4 squares in the room. There will be pictures at the end of this guide. It can be moved from one room to another, and into an underwater room, but it won't go outside. It cannot be rotated. It can only hold 5 ornaments, one garland, one topper and one base at a time. You can change these endlessly, and the interface is very user-friendly.

Animations: Some of the ornaments have a degree of animation. The lights flicker and twinkle, the butterflies flutter around, and so on. Very pretty.

Kinzpost? Trade?: No and no. You also cannot put individual ornaments in your dock. They go directly into the tree-decorating work space. Only the tree itself can go in your dock, but you still can't mail it.

Buy one ornament and bring it home. Yep! one is all you need at this point. When you enter the code in the Code Shop, you unlock the Tree and it goes into your dock (you also unlock 3 virtual ornaments, more on that later). Now place the tree in any room, and click on it. This will open the Tree Decoration work space which looks like:

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