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TRADE WARNING: Rare Exclusives and Trophies Rumor

Many of you have heard the rumor that "replicas" of certain very valuable Webkinz World items may be coming to the Webkinz eStore soon. Normally, the staff here at Webkinz Insider doesn't address these sorts of rumors formally, but the fact that even the whisper of this rumor is already having an effect on the trade values of the "originals" means that something must be said. We don't want to see anyone who doesn't know about the rumor being taken advantage of.

If you are the owner of, or are planning on trading for, the Blue Dragster, Stone Elephant Statue, Ice Cream Tree, or Skater Kat Skateboard, be warned that the value of these items has already decreased considerably just based on this rumor. If these "replicas" are sold in the eStore like the rumor says, the values will drop even further. It remains to be seen by how much.
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Keep in mind, however, that a rumor is just a rumor. Although there appears to be convincing evidence that Ganz is at least considering doing this, there is no guarantee that they will actually make it happen. If these items don't show up in the eStore soon, their values could increase to their previous values before this rumor surfaced.

We here at WI have seen many rumored events happen differently than it was said they would, or not even happen at all. We sincerely wish we could give you some sort of guarantee about all of this, but at this point, it simply isn't possible. Our only advice is to be cautious.


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