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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Forms Star Challenge Theory

Webkinz Insider member BERT_X, our resident statistics expert and Mini Golf Champ, has come up with an interesting theory regarding star locations in the Webkinz Star Challenge.   You may remember that BERT_X was one of the members who solved the charm location pattern in the Charm Forest.  He has been hard at work tracking Star Challenge data and has come up with the following theory:

My info shows that all of the Astro stars can be found in Charm Fairy, Chef Gazpacho, Knight of the Round, POTM Medal, Wishing Well, and Zingoz constellations.

All of the Glow Flake stars can be found in Knight of the Round, Plumpy, POTM Medal, and Wishing Well.

And finally, that all Sun Sparks can be found in Plumpy, Wishing Well and Zingoz.

This leads to a VERY simple strategy that would find ALL of the stars!!

First, look at which type of star you need the most of, then this is your plan for that day:

If you need Astro Stars, click on Zingoz, Wishing Well, and POTM Ribbon. Do them in that order too, it will give the best chance of finding other rare stars.

For the Glow Flakes, click on Wishing Well, POTM Ribbon, and Plumpy -- again in that order.

To get Sun Sparks, click on Zingoz, Wishing Well, and Plumpy, in that order.

It is surprising, but true, that you only need to click on these 4 constellations to find every possible star!!

Of course, you will find many other stars in those constellations too, but eventually you should get the ones wanted. At least this assures that you are looking in the right places, much like choosing the correct mine in the gem hunt.

By the way, the Sun Sparks are a very hard group to find -- out of the 8 rarest stars, 6 are Sun Sparks, so look for those the most.

Stars found least often have been Lunamite (#1 Astro), Frost Flake (#1 Glow Flake) and then all of the Sun Sparks, except the Zinglow.

In order to help you find the locations the four main constellations mentioned by BERT_X, here are pictures of how they look before and after they have been clicked.  Finding the correct star color and arrangement can be tricky but this should help you out:

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