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WI Member Completes Rock The Boat Treasure Map

Congratulations to one of our newest members schmoopie for being the first to report finding all four pieces of the ancient treasure map in Rock the Boat, one of the games you can play when you send your pet on a Tropical Island Vacation.  It took 19 vacations for schmoopie to piece together the map.  Once the fourth piece is found, the entire map is revealed, complete with an "X" marking the spot of the treasure.  No other digging around was necessary; the WWS Narwhal treasure box pictured below simply appeared in schmoopie's dock.


Dragging the box into the room, reveals THREE prizes.  A Tropical Island Treasure Chest, a Mermonkey Artifact and a Ghost's Gold Doubloon.  We're not quite sure what, if anything, the gold coin will do.  All three prizes appear to be kinzpostable!  Here is a picture of all three prizes as well as a pic of schmoopie's pet frog enjoying the new prizes.  Congratulations!


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