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HUMOR: WI Reporters Solve Missing Leaves Mystery!

This is a fictional article just intended to make you laugh while waiting for those infrequent leaves!

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Good afternoon Insiders! C. R. Barrel here to give you the scoop on a developing news story on Fall Festival 2008. With the obvious shift in Fall Festival policy, the top reporters from WI's investigative reporting team stormed Webkinz World this morning to find answers for all of you!

Let's start with Moo, you have something for us?

Originally Posted by Moo
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Well, C.R., I was very upset about my leaf collection, I had high hopes this time around. I know a thing or two about that corporate structure in Webkinz World and I went straight to the top, no middle man for this. I raced to corporate headquarters and found where he was. I didn't care that he was in a meeting; I stormed right in as this needed an immediate response from them, and I was not willing to accept the standard, "We have no comment at this time." After some probing, I got this statement. "They were flying too fast and making my job very difficult!" explained Coral Burst, the Director of Uninspired Activities. "My job here is to make sure that things are relatively boring and full of glitches, but those leaves were ruining everything I've worked on in the past few months. Something had to be done! So I did it..."

It's clearly the Unispired Director's fault
Thanks, Moo! Fluffy has been working non-stop on this story as well. Our resident unicorn has been up for almost 48 hours straight now, trying to keep up with all of the recent events in Webkinz World. We tried to catch up with her for an interview, but we only managed to get a quick statement as she galloped past
Originally Posted by Fluffy
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Gasp, don't they know what they are doing to me? How am I ever going to get values set on this stuff?
Now we go to Kopi, with the word on the street:

Originally Posted by Kopi
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Hey C.R., I tried to see if anything was being leaked in the Clubhouse, and armed myself with the best surveillance equipment available in Webkinz World: eyes and ears. I put on my favorite suit of armor, and as I snuck around the clubhouse rooms to get within earshot, people would stop talking and just stare. I tried staying still, hoping they'd think I was a "Knight of the Round Armor" rare item and start talking again.... it just didn't happen. So, the word on the street is... silence!
Ummm... Thanks Kopi, great... Great work.... We've got another of our reporters on the phone right now. He's our old-time rare informer, and one of Arte's scouts, and he has some very interesting news. Go ahead, Merthyn..

Originally Posted by Merthyn
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Thanks C.R. I've been supervising the shipments of all of the new Aztec items from Mexico and asked Arte how sales were going on all the new items yesterday morning. He grumbled and growled, explaining that the business was all but dead with 'all those darned leaves everywhere' and that he 'had a plan to get them all.. you just wait..' and bring business back to the shop. Sorry I don't have any details, but I'll bet it's his fault! I also must mention, he specifically requested that I send a full set of the new Aztec items to a confidential address in Webkinz World immediately.
We now go to our WI Contest Bunny, WINNIE, now a researcher at at Goober's Labs.. Winnie, you have something for us?

Originally Posted by WINNIE
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Yes I do, C.R., and it's a real mess down here at the labs. Goober's Leaf-Creating Machine, the only one known to exist, is fully responsible for the issues. Yesterday afternoon, shortly after a visit from the Director of Uninspired Activities, something went terribly wrong and the machine started sucking the leaves backwards until it hit critical mass and exploded!! Goober and his team are scrambling to repair it but there's no estimated time on a fix at this point, C.R.
So there you have it, it appears that Arte bribed the Director of Uninspired Activities with a full set of Aztec items to sabotage Goober's leaf-creating machine! Charges against both parties are expected to be filed very soon.

We're not sure if it can be fixed, but the light winds in Webkinz World today are blowing around the remaining few, so keep your eyes peeled!


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