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FALL FEST NEWS: Where did all of the leaves go?

There has been a lot of discussion in our Special Events section about the shortage of leaves for this year's Fall Fest:

For last year's Fall Fest, the leaves were flying on a six-minute schedule. This means that every six minutes an account would have a chance at having a leaf fly across the screen. Some more recent "Click to Win" events were on an eleven-minute schedule, making the flying objects much less common. When Fall Fest started up for the Asian accounts on Wednesday, many Webkinz Insider members attempted to time the leaves to discover the pattern. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see that although there was no discernable pattern, the leaves were plentiful, flying as often as every one to two minutes.

Starting on Thursday, however, there was a major change to the timing. At this point, it seems like the leaves have all but stopped flying. We are getting reports of members sitting on their accounts for an hour or more and not seeing a single leaf. For members without Asian accounts who didn't get a shot at the leaves on Wednesday, this is a major disappointment. It is especially upestting for the children who rushed home from school on Thursday with the excitement of checking out Fall Fest.

We know our members are upset by this change in programming and that many have placed calls to Ganz. We can only hope that the Ganz programmers will get in there and shake some trees to get the leaves flying again, hopefully before this weekend.

Some of our members have decided to get creative and write Fall Fest-themed songs while they are keeping an eye out for leaves. You can read some of what they have written in this thread:

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