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BREAKING NEWS: Mystery Item Appears, Burger Disappears

It has been a very busy day in Webkinz World, and there is at least one more piece of news to report.  We have had several Webkinz Insider members tell us about a mysterious item appearing in their docks.  Well, to be more accurate, an empty space is appearing in the docks with the name of "Wading Pool".  This does NOT appear to be the same thing as the Ancient Wading Pool from the Ancient Civilizations theme.  Could it be a new, unannounced Rare Item?  Or, maybe it is a POTM Exclusive or Adoption Exclusive?  At this point, we don't know.  What we do know is that the graphics for this item have not yet been added to Webkinz World.  If you find one of these Wading Pools in your dock do NOT leave it in your room.  If you place it in your room, it will appear as a blue cube.  If you leave it in your room, you will be locked out of that room until the graphics are uploaded.

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider members LikeRain and ImChocolate for these pictures from their accounts.

And, thank you to WI member rinkhero66 for pointing out that Burgers are no longer for sale in the wShop.  We can only assume that this is a glitch similar to the one that affected the Allium Flowers a few weeks ago and that the Burgers will be returned to the wShop soon.  Anyone who was planning on cooking up some Cloyin Hoipolli or Shepherd's Pie for their Webkinz is just going to have to be patient and wait for the Burger to come back.

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