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UPDATE: Kinzville Academy Prizes

It appears the information being given out by Ganz' Customer Representatives regarding the Kinzville Academy Prizes is incorrect.  At least one of our members who was been able to complete Level 10 of the same three classes with different pets was awarded additional prize boxes.  The picture below was taken by Webkinz Insider member GreatDee on her account. 

Given that members who complete Level 5 of the Cooking and Beauty Classes are not being given second Griddles or Vanities, at this point we are not certain what Ganz' intent with the awarding of the Academy Prizes is.  Here is a copy of the orignal report we received:

Originally Posted by kellyschrvr
Hi, I just thought I should tell someone incase this wasn't alreay known..

I had an issue that I did not receive my 2nd griddle and vanity. I received a call back today questioning the gift boxes at the end of the classes, level 10 gifts since I was shocked by the vanity and griddle issue...

I was told by *name removed* from customer service, whom confirmed it w/ her manager, that the level 10 gift boxes are only 1 per account per class. Her extension number was *number removed*. And I spoke w/ her at about 2pm est. Just got off the phone actually.

So only one of those gift boxes will be awarded per class, even if you have 2 or 3 pets doing the classes, you will only receive the box for the first pet that completes it.

That is also the same w/ the vanity and griddle. I was given 2 duck codes for the confusion, but I thought maybe someone should know so others aren't wasting kinzcash on achieving the level 10 gifts w/ multiple pets in the same classes.

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