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NEWS: Kinzville Academy Prizes, Smoothie Moves, KinzChat Reporting!

One of the users from our forum, kellyschrvr, has received a few pieces of information from a conversation with Webkinz customer support.

1) The Kinzville Academy level 10 gift boxes are only 1 per account per class.
Only one of those gift boxes will be awarded per class, even if you have 2 or 3 pets doing the classes, you will only receive the box for the first pet that completes it.

2) The Kinzville Academy Vanity and Griddle (level 5 prizes) are only 1 per account per class.
Only one of each of the Vanity and Griddle will be awarded per account, no matter how many pets you have doing the classes.

3) The Smoothie Moves score cap has been raised.
The score cap now is that you "wizards" cannot win past 500 kc in the game. 

UPDATE:  It appears the Smoothie Moves score cap has NOT been raised.  Unfortunately this is another bit of false information being given out by Ganz' Customer Service Representatives.  Will the cap be raised in the future?  At this point, we do not have any idea. 

4) Be careful with using the report tool in KinzChat Plus.
Some users have been receiving letters telling them to "only use the report tool if someone was breaking the rules" after they had reported someone.  This "letter" is a glitch, but you still can be banned yourself if you are getting the letters, even if you are reporting people for valid reasons.


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