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Update: Vacation Island Prize Guide

The addition of the Vacation Island has introduced a number of items that cannot be obtained anywhere else in Webkinz World. Here are the names and pictures of everything.

There are 20 different items that can be purchased in the Souvenir Shop. On each vacation, you will be able to see eight of them. You can buy up to three per vacation. They are: Compass Side Table, Fishing Hat, Flip Flops, Inflatable Palm Tree, Island Bunny Bobblehead, Model Jet Plane, Pineapple Hat, Shailor's Shipping Crate, Ship in a Bottle, Shoreline Side Table, Straw Hat, Straw Skirt, Sunny Day Swimsuit, Sunshine Hat, Sunshine Shirt, Sunshine Shorts, Sunshine Swimsuit Bottom, Sunshine Swimsuit Top, Umbrella Hat, Weathered Wall Anchor.

On the Vacation Island Wheel, in addition to a couple of items that can be purchased in the Souvenir Shop, you can win five foods unique to the Island and two objects from the Coral Cove. The foods are: Flip Flop Flapjacks, Floating Dessert Island, Piggies in a Beach Blanket, Pineapple Breezy Freeze, Saltwater Taffy. The Coral Cove objects are the Tiki Torch and Conch Shell. Could more objects from the Coral Cove be on the Wheel in the future? We'll just have to wait and see


The Don't Rock the Boat game is the only place where you can find the brand new Pirate Costume and a new food called Fool's Gold Chocolate. The new Pirate Costume is made up of six pieces: Pirate Costume Boots, Pirate Costume Eye Patch, Pirate Costume Hat, Pirate Costume Pants, Pirate Costume Sash, Pirate Costume Silk (Shirt). Here's a picture of "Fluffy", the Lil Kinz Unicorn, in a complete Pirate Costume.


Thank you to the following WI members for helping to dress Fluffy: Jennielou97, rickekinz, GoldGryphon, and Spotz01.

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