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Webkinz Insider Strategy for Smoothie Moves: Die Early!

Since the introduction of the new game, Smoothie Moves, into Webkinz World on Wednesday, there's been quite a few WI users playing it for hours at a time.  Some of our users were already experienced with playing this game, since they were "Zuma addicts" not so long ago, and are now being punished.

You see, these Zuma addicts used to stay up late into the night and play for hours and became what we like to call "Zuma Wizards", which, apparently is a punishable offense in Webkinz World.  Have a look at how quickly a Zuma Wizard can play in this Youtube video:

Yes, the wizards are really THAT good at it, and it translates directly into their skills in Smoothie Moves.  And, as you can see below, these kinds of skills in Webkinz World just aren't "reasonable".

One of our Wizards, shanhop, got to level 23 with a score of 132,000, and was supposed to be awarded 532 Kinz Cash but got this instead:

Another of our Wizards, mom-2-3, got to level 19 with a score of 94,440 with 377 Kinz Cash and got the same message:

After seeing fellow Wizards being punished, our staff Wizard, COWS4YOU, decided to create a new strategy: keep her Wizard status hidden and die early!
At this time, we aren't sure what the high score cap is on the new game, but we do know that anything below COWS4YOU's score will be considered a "reasonable" score and it's safe to stay at or below her score.  We hope that we can save some of you the frustration of playing for 40+ minutes and not being awarded Kinz Cash!

UPDATE (08/23/2008):  Thanks to research done by WI member mom-2-3 today, who played and died off at different levels on purpose to test the game, we can now tell you that you can safely reach up to 80,000 points and still receive your KinzCash.  mom-2-3 hasn't completed her testing, so the final number could end up being higher than that.  She's going to keep playing and will let us know what she finds. 


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