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BREAKING NEWS: September Webkinz Releases Added to Webkinz World!

For those that weren't around this morning, Webkinz World was down for a couple of hours for maintenance.  When it came back up, there didn't appear to be many changes, as the main "clubhouse blue screen issue" still remains.  Upon closer inspection, though, we discovered the following.

While we usually wait for a legitimate adoption before posting images of the PSI, PSF and gift boxes for pets, Ganz programmers appear to have done the work for us with the most recent downtime early on Wednesday morning.

All of the September releases are now shown in Webkinz World, along with pictures of their PSIs and the names of their PSFs!

Webkinz Floppy Pig

PSI: Flop N' Slop Bathtub
PSF: Mud Pie Flapjacks
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Webkinz Eagle

PSI: Majestic Soaring Sofa
PSF: Flying Fish Fricassee
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Webkinz Bottlenose Dolphin

PSI: Leaping Dolphin Fountain
PSF: Hot Herring Hermits Cookies
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Webkinz Sheep

PSI: Counting Sheep Machine
PSF: Creamy Steamed Kudzu
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Webkinz Chipmunk

PSI: Acorn Barbecue
PSF: Sweet Peanut Pie
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Lil' Kinz Chickadee

PSI: Treetop Lamp
PSF: Stuffed Caterpillar Calamarata
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