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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Solves Lil Kinz St. Bernard Mystery

Here at Webkinz Insider we have been getting scattered reports of members adopting Lil Kinz St. Bernards and having Large Webkinz St. Bernards show up on their accounts.  For some members, this was an exciting surprise since the Large Webkinz St. Bernard is retired.  For others who really wanted the Lil Kinz, it was a disappointment. 

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member chabs, part of the mystery has been solved.  chabs collected information from members who had the "misfit" tags and from members who had the regular tags.  She discovered one very important difference between the different types of tags.  Underneath the barcode is a very tiny number.  On the tags that turned out to be Lil Kinz the number was "B39".  On the tags that turned out to be Large Webkinz, the number was "B48-A".

Those of you who are planning on picking up a St. Bernard may want to take a close look at the tag before you bring it home to make sure you are getting the Webkinz you want.  Just keep in mind that we can't predict what, if anything, Ganz will do with the programming for these codes in the future.  They could all go back to being Lil Kinz without warning.


UPDATE (08/22/2008):  Thank you to WI Member RedBear for letting us know about a third type of Lil Kinz St. Bernard tag.  This one has "B43-A" under the barcode.  This tag is correctly programmed as a Lil Kinz.  So, there is still only one type of "misfit" tag:  the one with "B48-A" on it.

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