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NEWS: Webkinz News, the Smaller Stories

We have had so much big breaking news over the past two weeks that some smaller stories haven't had a chance to make it on to the front page: 
  • A new Lil Kinz has been added to the wCares line-up:  the Lil Kinz Panda.  There have now been a total of 12 wCares Lil Kinz spotted at Walgreens:  Cocker Spaniel, Grey/White Cat, Elephant, Cow, Gold/White (Orange) Cat, Basset Hound, St. Bernard, Horse, Persian Cat, Monkey, Panda, Black Bear. 
  • A new "Money Bed" has been spotted by several members on the new TC3 sticker cards.  All of the other beds shown in the stickers are current Super Beds, leading many to believe this is a new bed that will be released soon. 
  • The Allium Flowers have disappeared from the wShop.  Actually, these flowers have been gone for nearly two weeks.  They were removed from the wShop on the day the new Underwater Theme was added.  Many members are hoping this was just a programming error and that they flowers will return to the wShop soon.  We understand that they look great surrounding the Grand Charmling Tree.
  • The Fantail Goldfish food, Daphnia Dafina, still cannot be sent via KinzPost.  This appears to be a programming error.
  • And, as an update to a story we have all been watching, although the Clubhouse is still closed for the majority of our members, some people have been able to get in.  Hopefully the rest of us who have been stuck looking at a "blue screen" will be able to get in to join them soon.
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Thank you to WI members weeks328, webkinzrare1, nana, and Brandon56 for these pictures.

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