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NEWS: Webkinz Manatee and Goldfish make Bad Astronauts but Good Farmers

It should come as no surprise that the new Manatee and Goldfish have some restrictions on the clothing they can wear. Due to their anatomy, they are unable to wear shoes, pants, or belts. WI member Germansheperdwebkinzwolf has discovered that they also cannot wear the Solar Helmet from the Star Challenge. The Solar Helmet and the Knight's Helm (from the Webkinz eStore) are the only two items in Webkinz World that cover both the head and the glasses areas.  Both animals can wear other types of hats.
While the Manatee and the Goldfish may not make good candidates for the Space Program, apparently they are very good at gardening. WI member tchummer has discovered that the Collie Osililly Seeds can be planted in an Underwater Room. As of today, this is the only plant that is programmed to grow under water.
Thank you to Germansheperdwebkinzwolf, tchummer, mom2tc, and RedBear for these pictures from their accounts.


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