Winner: blessedx5
Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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BREAKING NEWS: Confirmed Glitch With Trading Card Codes

The excitement over the release of the Webkinz Trading Card Series 3 Codes has been dampened a bit by what appears to be a programming glitch. So far, only six different Trading Card prizes seem to have been activated in the system. One member who entered a full box of cards, 36 packs, received the following prizes:
  • 13 Goldfish Posters
  • 8 Flip Flops
  • 5 Dr. Quack Beds
  • 5 Ms. Birdy Tchotcke Shelves
  • 3 Chef Gazpacho Place Mats
  • 2 TC3 Condo Theme Beds

Other WI members are reporting similar results.� It appears unlikely that there are only six intended prizes.� Several of our members have placed calls to Ganz to find out what is going on.� If you have already purchased Trading Card Series 3 Packs, you may want to hold off entering the codes until this has all been sorted out.UPDATE (8/9/08 8:27am KT): It appears that this duplication issue is a problem with awarding rules for the feature codes. This is just the opposite of the Series 2 Trading Card awarding issues, where the rules were improperly set-up, the codes were awarding too many prizes, and had to be modified to reflect the intended odds.

As such, we want to warn all Webkinz fans against activating the Series 3 Trading Card codes until we have confirmation that the awarding rules have been properly applied!

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