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Webkinz Insider Member Activates Fantail Goldfish and Manatee!

Well, to go with the front page of the Webkinz World newspaper's headline "Two new friends are making a splash!", we have confirmed the first WI member, aslans, to adopt a Webkinz Fantail Goldfish and Webkinz Manatee, Gabby and Molly!!

Here they are with their PSIs in an underwater room, previously non-existent in Webkinz World! The Manatee's PSI is the Mangrove Treasure Trove and the Goldfish's PSI is the Fantail Table.

Notice how the regular Webkinz Toucan has an "air helmet" when he enters the underwater room, all your regular Webkinz can enter these underwater rooms!


 Paired with the "air helmet" is the "water bubble" so that your underwater Webkinz can visit the rest of your home!

 Finally, the PSF for the Goldfish is Daphnia Dafina and the PSF for the Webkinz Manatee is Mangrove Leaf Manicotti. 


 We are very impressed with the thought that went in to programming this new area of Webkinz World, with the "air helmets" and "water bubbles" for the respective pets, and the lack of glitches with the first WI member adoption!

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