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NEWS: WI Members Mapping the Sky

Since the debut of Alyssa's Star Challenge last week, several Webkinz Insider members have been hard at work collecting data to "map the sky".  Their goal is to come up with a system of predicting which constellations might contain certain stars.  You may remember that it was WI members BERT_X and dogsdigholes who discovered the virtual charm pattern in the Charm Forest last year. 


While we are not yet able to report on a location pattern, thanks to BERT_X, we can now tell you what the "base price" for each star is.  This data will help you to know if Alyssa is offering you a good deal on your star or not:  


** Each star group has one #1, one #2, one #3 and four #4 stars. **

Astro stars: 450 Lunamite, 200 Blushing Bulb, 250 Marrowmile,

then 75 for Chlorocosmo, Nightnote, Skyprint, and Twilight Twinkle.

Glow Flake stars: 400 Frost Flake, 200 Magmamite, 150 Deelight,

then 60 for Divinadime, Flouraflite, Moon Bloom, and Nocturnite.

Sun Sparks stars: 350 Webwonder, 150 Illustrolite, 100 Lightening Lantern,

then 50 for Enchantrite, Pyro Pearl, Spectaculight, and Zinglow.

From a star's base price Alyssa might offer these percentages:

150%, 135%, 120%, 100%, 95%, 90%, 80%, 75%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 25%, 10%.



A huge thank you to BERT_X for putting this together, and to EXOTERIC for managing the data collection thread. 


Do you want to learn more about the Star Challenge?  Check out the Star Challenge section in our forum:  



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