Winner: blessedx5
Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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BREAKING NEWS: Alyssa's Star Challenge comes to Webkinz World

A new "game" called Alyssa's Star Challenge has arrived in Webkinz World.  You can access this game by selecting the "Charm Forest" option on the "Things to Do" menu.  Unlike the Charm Forest, you do not have to purchase any special items in to play the game.  It is available on all active Webkinz accounts.

The Star Challenge is very similar to both the Gem Hunt and the Charm Forest features.  You are able to "play" the game once per day.  Using the tip of your Star Catcher Net, you click on colored stars, or shooting stars, in the sky.  Each star will reveal a constellation which will either be empty, contain a Star, or contain a special Prize.  The obejctive is to collect all 21 Stars to win the Star Challenge Grand Prize.  The W-shop is also now featuring a Star Carousel to hold your star collection.

Here are some of the items that have been awarded to Webkinz Insider members:


Several of our members have also reported receiving a Fairy High Council Throne in their dock. The throne bears a striking resemblance to the shape of the special prize you unlock by collecting the stars. We're not sure why some members have already received this prize.

For a complete list of the Stars and the Prizes, please follow this link to our Star Challenge Guide:

Special thanks to sabrina10, dusangpyong, jhae, Littles813, chapman12, mistles, and chaotic for the pictures and congratulations to all of our members for their wins so far.

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