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BREAKING NEWS: New KinzStyle Fashions Have Arrived

You may remember our announcement last week that more KinzStyle clothing for your plushies would be arriving in stores soon.  Now we can report that several new virtual clothing items have appeared for sale in the KinzStyle shop:  Baseball Uniform Helmet, Baseball Uniform Jersey, Baseball Uniform Pants, Kilt Skirt, Ruffle Skirt, Ruffle Tee, and Webkinz Sparkle Tee.

These items are all exclusive to the KinzStyle shop with one exception.  Over the weekend, the Kilt Skirt was available for sale in the wShop briefly, and was for sale in the Curio Shop as recently as Tuesday afternoon.  Also, it is worth noting that although the name and the sale price of the new Ruffle Skirt and the old Fun Fiesta Skirt are different, the graphic is exactly the same.

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