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WI Getting Back On Track Predicting Rares In Artes Curio Shop!

It has been 4 long months since the programming in Webkinz World was changed in Arte's Curio Shop, removing our ability to predict the rares days in advance.  Over the past few months, many of our users have kept a watchful eye on the Curio Shop, learning everything about the new schedules and when to trust Arte's "Insider Info".

While we still can't predict the rares days in advance, we can give everyone a heads up as to when the rares will be coming, and, in some cases (mostly in the American accounts), what the rare will be hours in advance. You can now see our system at the top of every page on the forum.

The times are listed in "local Kinz Time" and if you put your mouse over the times, a small mouseover will come up, converting it to North American time zones (Eastern, Central, Pacific).  With all the different time zones, we hope that this conversion will help all of you with a quick way to know the "real world time" that rares will appear!

Sometimes, you may notice that Arte will tell you that a rare item is coming at a certain time, but he has a habit of telling us fibs now and then.  Always check our notice at the top of the page for the correct Curio Shop information: over the past few months, our users have learned when to trust Arte's "Insider Information"!

We hope this helps all of you get back on track to completing your rare collections!

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