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BREAKING NEWS: New Superbeds, New Game, New Retired Webkinz!

A quick downtime around Midnight last night gave us some good news and bad when the system came back up. The Cat Theme is now gone from the Wshop.  You may remember that we had some warning about this earlier last week, but we didn't know what day it would happen.

Also, it is now time to say goodbye to some new and old friends: It is the retirement of the Samoyed, Tiger Snake, Leopard Lizard, Black and White Cheeky Dog, the Rhino, and the Webkinz Elephant (June Pet of the Month). That makes this month all the more special for those adoptions.

Now, onto the good news, we now have 2 new Superbed options: the Apple Pie and the Artist's Pallet.
We also have a new game called Get Eleven Solitaire.


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