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BREAKING NEWS: New Ad Policy and new "Opt Out" Choice

In Webinz World today, Ganz announced a new "Ad Policy" that will affect the appearance of third-party (non Ganz) advertisements in Webkinz World.  Some of you may remember the two ad campaigns that have run in WW, one for the Bee Movie and one for the Alvin and the Chipmunks MovieEven fewer of you may remember our story about this option appearing in one of our moderator's (morganannie at the time) account nearly a year ago! In the policy statement, Ganz reaffirms it's commitment "to being responsible in [its] approach to advertising and the advertisers that [they] allow on the site."  You can read the complete policy statement in Webkinz World.

Also, a new "Opt Out" Choice has been added to Webkinz World accounts.  If you don't wish to view these third-party advertisements, you can now choose to have them be blocked from your account.  This option can be found next to the "Daily KinzCare" tab in the "My Pets" window.  Once you select this option, the advertisements will be turned off.  If you change your mind, you must wait at least 30 days to turn them back on again.

Also New on Thursday:

  • New Questions have been added to Quizzy's Corner.
  • A winner was selected in the WW Haiku Contest:  Man with Bubbles
  • Harvest Strawberries now sell back to the wShop for 6 KC instead of 7 KC.
  • There's a suspicious new tree now growing next to the Clubhouse tree.

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