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BREAKING NEWS: Trade Room Reopened in Webkinz World

Before the introduction of the Trade Room, members negotiating trades in the Clubhouse had to worry whether or not the other person would send their items.  The brand new Trade Tables, which allow both members to send at the exact same time, have taken care of that problem.

Unfortunately, there is no safeguard in place to make sure that the trade you are making is a fair trade.  Several of our moderators have spent the morning testing out the Trade Rooms and have discovered an alarming pattern of traders offering food and small W-Shop items in exchange for valuable rare items. 

The message we would like to send to all of our readers is this:  If you wish to try out the WW Trade Room, start trading with items that you can easily replace rather than your best treasures. This room is not designed as a place to score the rarest retired WW item.  It is a place to make WW friends and have fun swapping little items.

If you have a question about the value of your items, please check out our Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value Guide, located here: .  Remember, if you feel uncomfortable with the trade or feel that the other trader is being unfair, you do NOT need to trade and can back out at any time.

Also, please keep in mind that Trade Discussion on Webkinz Insider is ONLY allowed inside of the Gift Exchange area.  Trades made in the WW Trade Room, should be negotiated in WW Trade Room.  If you wish to discuss trades on Webkinz Insider, please consider joining our Gift Exchange.

Here is an example of a trade that was offered to one of our moderators this morning:

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