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Webkinz Insider Confirms Ganz Official Position on Trading!

Over the past few months, many of our users have become increasingly worried about a section in the Webkinz user agreement that specifically mentions buying, selling and trading of Webkinz items.  We have received direct communication from Ganz, stating their official position on trading of the virtual items.  Here is their statement verbatim:
There has been a lot of conversation lately about whether or not it’s okay to trade items in Webkinz World. Most of the confusion comes from the line in the User Agreement that says that items can not be “traded”.

Items CAN be traded in Webkinz World for other Webkinz online items. Items CANNOT be traded for real-world items or services.

“I’ll trade you a Mauna Loa Lamp for your Holiday Tubbie Tummies Bear” is A-OK.
“I’ll trade you a Mauna Loa Lamp for an Xbox 360” is NOT OK.

We will be releasing a Bulletinz and updating the User Agreement to make this distinction clear.

Again, we do not recommend trading through the KinzPost as it is not secure, but if you know the person well and want to do it, we have nothing against it. We are in testing of the secure trading system that I promised. It’s still a little ways away, but I think traders everywhere will be very happy once it’s released.

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