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Possible Upgrade to Webkinz World Houses!

We've received some information from a user in our Webkinz Forum, Flame Boy.  She gave us a few screenshots and her story detailing them:ok, i am trying to create a new room, so i am emptying one out. every time i try to click on an item, it actually selects a different item for me to remove. that is fine i have all the items out except for the last window... but here is the interesting part,

every time that i click on the window, it actually selects the door!! it lifts up like an item does when you select it and it gives me an option to move or remove it!!! if i choose to remove it, webkinz world freezes and boots me out, but i can move it as shown in the pics below... and once i select ok, is disappears! has this happened to anyone else???

As you can see from the pictures, and read from her story, the doors appear to be moveable around the room and removable entirely! While it is certainly a glitch that the door is being picked up when the window is clicked on, we believe that the ability to move and remove doors from your room is a functionality that will soon be added to Webkinz World.

If you all remember the interview with the Webkinz Creative Director, this specific question was asked, and I've included it below.
Question 1 -- Asked by multiple About rooms: Will we ever be able to enlarge our room size (after they are bought or after adoption) and/or move/sell them? Further, will we ever be able to move/eliminate doors?

While I can’t go into the exact details of what we have planned, more control over your house layout is something that we’ve put a lot of thought into and is something that we definitely want to add to Webkinz World. We know that our fans put a lot of effort into designing their homes and we have a number of upgrades planned (including some you’ll really be surprised by).
From this story and these pictures, it appears that this is one of the "upgrades", but that it is still a little glitchy. If this is truly an upgrade, it is great news for those who are really into room decorating in Webkinz World!

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