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BREAKNG NEWS: 4 New Pets Coming to Webkinz World in April!

We've confirmed 4 new introductions to Webkinz World for April! Ganz is continuing to put out new Webkinz every month on a schedule and April is no exception.  There's an interesting twist to this introduction, though, a new Lil' Kinz that doesn't have a "Webkinz brother or sister"!

The 4 new pets are the Webkinz Chicken, the Webkinz American Cocker Spaniel, the Webkinz Leopard Lizard and the Lil' Kinz White Mouse!

As a recap for those of you who are new, please see our articles about the Webkinz coming in March by clicking here.  We also have pictures of March's Virtual images here.

[... Read More to see pictures of new pets ...]

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These are confirmed images of the Webkinz plushes that will be released in April.

First up is the Webkinz Chicken!

Next, we have the Webkinz American Cocker Spaniel, which does look quite different than the current Webkinz Cocker Spaniel.

Third, we have the Webkinz Leopard Lizard

Finally, we have the Lil' Kinz White Mouse!

Of course, we are unsure what the Pet Specific Item and Pet Specific Foods are for these new pets, that's what we're relying on all of you to find them in your stores as early as you can so we can all find out!

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