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BREAKING NEWS: Ancient Civilization Theme Gifts, One Rare Limit!

One of our members in the WebkinzInsider Forum, 77marie, was the first to let the moderators know that she and others have started receiving pieces of the new Ancient Civilizations rare theme as bonus adoption gifts! For some time now, users have been reporting receiving pieces of this new rare theme with Trading Card codes, but this is the first we've heard of the pieces coming with adoption gifts!

With the rare list being hidden, and the new Curio Shop Limits, this will likely be a very sought after and hard to complete theme!

[... Read More for Curio Shop Limits & More About Ancient Theme ...]

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Preview picture of the Ancient Civilizations theme:

The Ancient Civilizations theme consists of the following items:
  • Ancient Brazier
  • Ancient Civilization Flooring
  • Ancient Civilization Wallpaper
  • Ancient Ionic Column
  • Caesar's Chair
  • Centurion Candelabra
  • Centurion Coffee Table
  • Emperor's Bed
  • Emperor's Settee
  • Grand Empire Chest
  • Imperial Dining Table
  • Imperial Side Table
  • Imperial Urn
  • Legionnaire Shield
  • Legionnaire's Suit of Armor

As I wrote before, there is another new behavior to the Curio Shop that we hadn't detected.  Multiple members have reported that they are only able to buy one rare item per "Sale time" per account! This specific change will make each rare item much harder to get and will likely increase trade values as time goes on.  Please keep an eye on our respected WIGEV for trade values!

We're still working as hard as we can to come up with a solution to get some kind of rare predictions to all of you, so that you can have a heads up as to what is coming up in the Curio Shop, at least a few hours in advance.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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