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NEWS: Winterfest Ends Today, POTM Cow and a Story from Moo!

Today, February 1st, is the final day of Winter Fest. The snowflakes are scheduled to stop falling at exactly 11:59pm this evening. It'll be a whole 12 months before we can hope to see snowflakes in Webkinz World again, so enjoy the final day. Hopefully it will hold us over until the next "Fest" event Ganz decides to spring on us!


Now, for those of you holding unregistered Cows, Winterfest may be the last thing on your minds. That's because February is the Month of the Cow. That is to say, the Cow is the Pet of the Month for February. Remember, when you register a POTM during it's special month, you get a gift box containing a POTM exclusive item and you get to participate in special POTM Only activities. Members who already have Cows on their accounts are also able to participate in the special activities, they just won't recieve the POTM exclusive item.

[...Read More for a story from Moo!...]

And without further ado, our very own Moo has this story to share in celebration of the 'Month of the Cow'...

"Thank you Ms. Birdy for letting me decorate your adoption center and have my party here."
"OH Moo! Think nothing of it. Look at this place! It looks great. You made it very welcoming and any cow that gets adopted today, is going to be in for the time of their life."
"I hope you don't mind I hung the Cows in Space posters up and switched out your lights with the moon lamps."
"Not at all Moo. Makes each cow adoption that I do, all that much sweeter."
"Ahh thanks Ms. Birdy. How much time do we have left?"
"10 minutes Moo, need me to do anything?"
"If you don't mind, can you put the red welcome balloons by the door? It is February you know. I thought that color was only appropriate. I will be right back, need to brush my teeth real quick, 'cause you don't get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression."
"I do know that Moo, go brush good, I have the balloons. I hope you don't mind I put the cinnamon hearts in a bowl on my desk for them to enjoy."
"Not at all Ms. Birdy."

"Hurry Moo 10 seconds...."
"5...4...3...2...1... Let the Adoptions begin!"
"Have a great party Moo, I will register them as fast as I can for you. Talk to you later."
"Thanks Ms. Birdy."
Okay, disco ball is on, funky girl karaoke machine is hooked up the plasma television, food is set up there, name tags there..
"Welcome to Webkinz! I see you found the name tags, let's see it says, Hello my name is Moo. Hey, that is my name! Welcome Moo! Make yourself at home and have a great time."
"Thanks Moo."
"Hi, my name is Oreo, you must be our host Moo?"
"Yes I am. Nice to meet you Oreo, Welcome to Webkinz World."
"Thank you Moo."
"Welcome to Webkinz World... does that say Milkshake?"
"Yes Moo. My name is Milkshake, sorry for the chicken scratch I was just nervous entering this world."
"Speaking of chicken, I have Chik-fil-A chikin' poppers over there on that table if you are hungry. There is also some candy grass, nachos and peanut brittle."
"Actually I am thirsty. What do you have to drink?"
"We have chocolate milk or regular milk, both are on that table by the cow bank."
"Thank you Moo, pardon me while I get some chocolate milk."
"Absolutely! Welcome to Webkinz World Roxy and Beautiful!"
"Thanks for having us Moo. Are there any games to play here?"
"Over there is the arcade and you can play cash cow or cash cow2."
"Thanks Moo."
"You're Welcome you two."
"So Moo, how long do you think your party will go til?"
"Ms. Birdy, we are partying 'til the cows come home!"
Laughing, "Alright Moo, I'll leave the front porch light on then. You guys have a great time."
"Thank you again Ms Birdy for all your help."
"No problem Moo, Happy February; its your month!"

You can check out more of "Cows & Moo's Adventures" here in the Creative Writing section of the forum!

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