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EXCLUSIVE: New Superbeds Coming to Webkinz World, Teaser!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we have exclusive content coming straight from Ganz! In response to a petition for new Superbeds on our forum created by Nicole333, that received over 200 signatures and was submitted to Ganz, Ganz has provided us with an exclusive teaser graphic of an upcoming superbed and has told us that they already have quite a few new Superbeds already in production in Webkinz World.

We'd like to also thank our members for their support of WebkinzInsider and Webkinz.  It is because of all of you that WebkinzInsider has become a home for so many!

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drupal_mosgoogle center

Here is the e-mail that I received a few minutes ago from Ganz


We recently received this online petition:
I thought I’d respond to this one as we were thinking exactly the same thing and already had a number of great new superbeds in production. As thanks to the 200 people who signed the petition for their great support of Webkinz I’m sending this teaser graphic:

Just a note though – while we appreciate petitions and all of the suggestions our many fans have, we schedule our releases months in advance, so we can’t fill requests.


Thanks again to all of our users, those who signed the petition and Nicole333 for making WI such a great place to be!

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