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BREAKING NEWS: New Snowflake Pattern, New Trophy

It's Winter Fest time in Webkinz World, and the weather forecast still calls for snow, but all over the board we have been getting reports of snowflake shortages. Many of you have even wondered if the snowflakes had stopped falling completely.

I am happy to report that the snowflakes are still falling. The reason for the shortage is that the timing pattern has changed. Over the weekend chances at snowflakes were occuring every two minutes. It appears on Monday that timing was changed to every six minutes. This is the same pattern that the leaves for Fall Fest were set on last October.

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Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you will get a snowflake every six minutes but simply that you will have a chance at getting a snowflake every sixth minute. For example, if you start a timer the moment you log on, pay attention for snowflakes at 6 minutes, 18 minutes, 24 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on. Depending on exactly when you start your timer during the log on process, you may be a few seconds off, so you may want to adjust your timer when you see your first snowflake. Just don't miss the snowflake in the process!

The next big news to report is that a brand new trophy has been announced. According to the Newspaper article, the Crafty Critterz Trophy will be awarded by Crafty Kimmy, the Koala, to members who have their craft ideas posted in the Crafty Critterz section. Some of you who may not pay attention to the log on screen may have missed this section.  This is the place where members can share their original Webkinz-related craft, recipe, and game ideas. Many Webkinz members have already had their ideas posted for everyone to see. We know that we have a lot of really creative members in our fourm, and we know that many of you have already submitted your wonderful ideas. We would love to be able to report on one of our members winning this trophy!

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