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WinterFest 2008: Complete Prize List, Timing Explanation, WinterFest Recipez!

Winter Fest has officially begun! Snowflakes are flying all over Webkinz World, in the arcade, in the employment office, and even inside of houses! Winter Fest will run in Webkinz World from January 26th through February 1st. The Snowflakes are expected to fall from 6am to 11:59 pm every day.

This year the prizes are more exciting than ever. Clicking on a floating snowflake may win you a cup of Egg Nog, a Framed Winter Scene, Fuzzy Winter Slippers, a Googles Ice Sculpture, a Potted Icicle Tree, a Snow Bear Suger Cookie, a Snow Cone, or a Winter Fest Parka.

In addition to the brand new prizes, four of the five prizes from Winter Fest 2007 have returned. So, those of you who missed out last year have a shot at collecting Hot Chocolate Frozen Mugs, Peppermint Snowflakes, Snowflake Sweaters, and Snowy Blue Toques.

The one prize from 2007 that has not returned is the Polar Plunge Poster. Anyone who has this poster in their house from last year is advised to hang on to it. We don't know if or when it will become available again.

[...Read More for information on timing and WI recipez...]

Unlike Fall Fest in October 2007, the Snowflakes for this year's Winter Fest are NOT falling on a six-minute cycle. Instead, they seem to be on a much shorter TWO-minute cycle. What that means is every two minutes you have a chance at having a Snowflake float across your screen. You won't get one every two minutes, but when you do get them, they will be a multiple of two minutes apart.

Many of you are reporting getting a count down clock when you try to log on to Webkinz World. It's not new, but many of you may be seeing it for the first time today. This seems to be a tool Ganz is using to help direct the large amount of traffic that hits Webkinz World from time to time. With everyone loging on to try to capture a few Snowflakes, this is probably a very busy day for their servers.

And lastly, for those parents out there who are wondering how you are going to feed you familes during this event, our very own AuntKinz has collected recipez from the rest of the staff and then Fairlyoddmom assembled the "2008 WinterFest WI Staff Quick Meals Cookbook".

As Auntkinz said, "Winterfest is here. If you're like us, you're going to want to be clicking away...but what about dinner? The staff of WI had some fun collecting quick easy meals that we could prepare quickly while we were busy clicking on snowflakes. We had so much fun gathering up these recipes that we thought we'd share them with you. Enjoy!"

Click HERE to view the Cookbook in our forum.

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