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BREAKING NEWS: Winterfest Rewind, New Sink Actions and a Kangaroo!

For a few hours earlier this afternoon, our members with accounts set on the Asian Time Zone were treated to a little "Winter Fest Rewind". We have all been looking forward to the start of this year's Winter Fest on the 26th, but on these accounts the Snowflakes started flying a couple of days early. Not only are they early, but they are giving out last year's prizes!

The 2007 Winter Fest prizes were: Peppermint Snowflake, Frozen Hot Chocolate Mug, Polar Plunge Poster, Snowy Toque and Snowflake Sweater!

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We figure the old prizes are being awarded because the programming on the snowflakes has not yet been updated. Why the snowflakes are flying in the first place, well, that's anybody's guess.

Now, we can't be certain what all the prizes for this year are going to be until Winter Fest 2008 officially starts, but it is more likely than not that the real prizes for this year will be something new.

And now, for all Webkinz members, no matter what time zone you are on, there is a new sink-related feature for everyone to enjoy. All bathroom sinks in Webkinz World are now interactive. When you click on a sink you are taken to a screen that looks similar the the bathtub interface. On this screen you have the options to brush teeth, wash face, and brush hair.

This new feature doesn't work on kitchen sinks. Also, those of you with the Blue Skies Sink should note that is now called the Blue Skies Kitchen Sink. Since it is now a kitchen sink, it doesn't have this new feature.

Lastly, there's been a Kangaroo sighting in the Clubhouse. Check out the photo in our forum!

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