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BREAKING NEWS: Lots of Surprises in Webkinz World Today!

Those of you who were hanging out in Webkinz World late last night may have noticed that there was a brief shut down for maintenance earlier than usual. When Webkinz World came back up, there were several changes.  These changes include a brand new theme in the W shop, a new game in the Arcade, a new "look" for the Clubhouse, the removal of the remaining Christmas items, and the possible removal of the Ice Cream Tree and the Antique Bathroom Sink.

New Theme in the W-Shop: Now our Webbies can decorate their homes in the latest modern style with the "Condo" theme. Lots of lime green tones and fancy art work will have your pets feeling like they are living the High Life.

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New Game in the Arcade: Those of you visiting the Arcade now have one more game to choose from, Triple Strike Solitare. It's another variation on an old favorite that should be a lot of fun!

Clubhouse's New Look: Those of you going to the Clubhouse will be treated to a new start screen. Instead of a building with two doors, now we have a Tree House. The option for KinzChat Plus, which has been closed or several months, is now no longer even visible.

First Snow Tree Gone, Plush Toys Remain: The last of Christmas has finally disappeared from the W-Shop with the removal of the First Snow Tree. The Plush Toys that showed up with the Christmas theme are still around, so we have finally confirmed that they are not seasonal items.

Ice Cream Tree Exclusve and Antique Bathroom Sink Gone?: We're not sure if this was done on purpose or if this is just a glitch, but the Ice Cream Tree is no longer listed with the rest of the Exclusives in the W-Shop.  The Antique Bathroom Sink is also no longer listed for sale in the W Shop.  Members who own these items need not worry, they are still showing up in your rooms.  Only time will tell if this is a glitch or if these items have really left!

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