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Webkinz Humor: Dateline: Webkinz World Jan 22, 2008

by Milo A. Bulldog, WI Special Correspondent
A series of odd incidents have caused concern and dismay throughout Webkinz World.
Miss Isabella, a charming charcoal cat, spent a pleasant afternoon organizing her prized clown doll collection into rattan toy boxes. She reports that she jumped into the kitchen to get a snack. When she returned, the entire storage room had simply disappeared.
“The toy boxes, the walls, the floors, everything,” she told me. “It was as if it had never existed.”
Miss Isabella copes with her disappointment by taking long naps by the fireplace. Every day, she hopes, she will awaken to find her storage room returned to her. 
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George, a collie, had another problem: “One of my preferred pastimes is answering the surveys in the newspaper every week. On Monday, however, I didn’t get a survey, just the ‘thank you for answering’ page. Friday, the exact same thing happened. Now I have nothing to do while I wait for my ossily plant to grow.”
A glitch had Winston the raccoon pondering his future. “I was doing the jellybean challenge, and the jar was empty. Not a bean in site. So I entered zero, and it told me I was way off! Sure, we raccoons are retiring, but that doesn’t mean my eyesight is gone. I know an empty jar when I see one.”
We all know orange and white cats are fun-loving, but Ginny wasn’t having any fun when one patch of her cabbage garden showed up in every room of her house. “You can just imagine the dirt,” she says. The worst, however, was yet to come. “One second I was sleeping in bed, the next I was standing on the bathroom counter. Don’t ask me how or why, but, for days, I kept waking up standing on another piece of furniture. When I started standing on plants, I went to the clinic, but Dr. Quack couldn’t find anything wrong with me.”
Yes, my friends, there’s nothing wrong with any of us. I have confirmed from Ganz that Webkinz World is experiencing widespread glitches. They’re working around the clock on them, but it could take weeks to fix them all. Until then, expect the unexpected, and, if you find yourself standing on the bathroom counter, give in and laugh.
Signed your special correspondent,
Milo A. Bulldog

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