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BREAKING NEWS: Official Odds of Trading Card Series 2!

For those that have been keeping up with our articles on the new Webkinz Series 2 Trading Cards, we have our final update regarding the odds of completing the Virtual Binders in Webkinz World.  We've been told directly by Ganz that the initial experiences of users were actually a glitch in the system, which has since been corrected.

Apparently, when people were opening their cards earlier last week in our first article, the systems in Webkinz World were giving out much higher odds than Ganz had intended.  The current behavior, detailed in our previous article, is how the cards are supposed to work and there is no glitch.

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We've been told directly by Ganz that the "At Paw Level" cards (the hardest to complete) are inserted "1 in every 18 packs".  The other sets are inserted at "1 in every 9 packs".  We've also been told that each of the harder to complete sets (Challenge, Snapshots, At Paw Level) has its own duplicate check, but not a total duplicate check for the collection.

For example, you will not receive any duplicates for any of your sets, until that set is completed.  So, if you complete the Challenge set, it becomes eligible for duplicates as soon as it is completed.

Ganz has also added an "extra virtual pack" as one of the standard feature code prizes in order to increase the odds in our favor, as well.

With these actual numbers on stated odds, Ganz estimates that it will take approximately 4 boxes of trading cards (144 packs) to unlock the Series 2 Trading Card Grand Prize.  This is substantially more than the lucky few who were able to unlock the entire collection at around 50 packs, but much better odds than unlocking the Series 1 Grand Prize!

Thank you to all of our users for bearing with us while we got to the bottom of this.  Now that you know the actual odds and that there are no glitches, you can decide whether or not Series 2 Trading Cards are for you!

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