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NEWSFLASH: Webkinz Series 2 Trading Card Odds Have Changed!

You may remember our first article about the Series 2 Trading Card prizes, where cynalot unlocked all of the Series 2 Prizes with only 49 packs, we've noticed a significant change in the odds.  Most people reported, on that day, that approximately 50 packs would unlock the whole set and we had numerous reports ranging from 49-52.

Since then, the odds have changed significantly for the worst.  We're not sure if it's a glitch in the programming, but we are urging users to hold off on buying and activating the cards until we figure out what's happened!

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We have noticed the trend over the past few days and it is consistent now, with all users.  Here are a couple of examples, though we have many reports of the same experience.

One of our members, TTGTTG, has opened 2 boxes (72 packs).  With these 72 packs, she unlocked the Deck Prize (Space Shuttle) and the Challenge Card Prize (Series 2 Collector Trophy), but not the other two prizes.  Seeing that she opened 20 more packs than many people who completed their sets early on, it's not a good sign.

One of our moderators, Auntkinz, has opened 3 boxes (108 packs).  With the 3 boxes, she has completed the Webkinz Deck Cards, the Challenge Cards, and the Snapshots, but is still missing 4/8 of the At Paw's Level cards for the Grand Prize! Seeing as she opened more than double what cynalot opened, she should have easily completed her set.

In addition, we've noticed that one of the major problems was the appearance of duplicates in the harder to get prizes.  For the "early openers" duplicates were only found in the Webkinz Deck Cards; the Challenge Cards, Snapshots, and At Paw's Level cards came in one at a time and did not duplicate until the entire collection was complete, allowing users to complete their sets easier.

From the bulletin on Webkinz.Com, we believe that is how it is supposed to work:
"We've added the same collection testing as we have on the Pet of the Month prizes, so you won't get doubles of the hard-to-find inserts until your collection is complete!"

Unfortunately, it appears that the programming is no longer working, or a glitch of some kind has been introduced.  Out of Auntkinz's 108 packs, she has 5 duplicates in the Challenge set, and 3 duplicates in the Snapshot set.

Again, we urge you to hold off on buying/activating the Series 2 Trading Cards until this is sorted out and we felt the need to inform our users of the change so that you aren't misled by our first article!

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