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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz Series 2 Trading Cards Have Cheeky Dog Codes!

Some of you may have seen the small icon on the Webkinz.Com homepage and clicked it for the Trading Card Series 2 bulletin, but haven't read through the entire description of the Series 2 Trading Cards.  A user from our forum, RedBear, just pointed out to me the very last part of the description.  There are two important parts!
  • Every Feature Code Card also includes a code for a pack of virtual cards, and we've made completing your collection of virtual cards much easier than in Series I. We've added the same collection testing as we have on the Pet of the Month prizes, so you won't get doubles of the hard-to-find inserts until your collection is complete!
This is great news, as the "Sketched Kinzville Window" required boxes and boxes of Series 1 trading cards and duplicates of just about everything!

[... Read More for Part 2 (Cheeky Dog!!) ...]

Ok, now the most important part of the bulletin:
  • Also, Ms. Birdy is back, giving out FREE ONLINE PETS! In Series II we've added many, many more pets! You won't know what your pet is until you put in the code - it could be one of our hardest to find pets - including the Cheeky Dog and Love Puppy!
That's right, everyone! The "random pet code" on one of your Series 2 Trading Cards could very well end up being a Webkinz Cheeky Dog or Love Puppy or other pet! If you recall, in our interview with the Webkinz Creative Director, he did say that these virtual pet codes might be for some of the hardest to find pets.  Many people speculated that he meant that it might have Retired Webkinz such as the Cheeky Dog, but here's proof, in writing!

If you weren't excited about the Series 2 Trading cards before, I think this is a pretty good reason to get excited now!!

You can see the bulletin by clicking this link:

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