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NEWSFLASH: WI Moderator First Member to Activate Webkinz Stationery!

A moderator in the WI forum, Auntkinz, was the first WI member to get her hands on a Webkinz Stationery product, enter the code in the code shop and post pictures for us to see! Keep in mind that all of the pictures that you see below came from the activation of only one stationery code, and it appears that once stickers, paper, or messages are unlocked, you can use them as many times as you like.  Click read more to see some of the new features!!

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drupal_mosgoogle center

The one activated feature code gave Auntkinz three new types of wrapping paper for her to send gifts to other people.

Activating the code also gave her a bunch of new stationery paper to write letters on, along with extra stickers, such as a Cow and Butterfly that she can add to her messages.   The first piece is called "Join the Band".

Next, we have "Mail Cat"

Thirdly, we have "Monkey Around"

Finally, we have the "Pals" stationery:

There are also "Exclusive" KinzPost messages that can go with your gift or stationery.

We believe that there is no other way to get any of these items, other than buying a stationery or school supply item.  So far, different codes from different products give out the same items, but we aren't sure what happens if you activate multiple stationery items.

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