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BREAKING NEWS: Kinz Post Changes, New POTM Item, Login Change in Webkinz World!

Earlier this afternoon, Webkinz World was down for about a half an hour, and Ganz performed some maintenance.  When it came back online, the Christmas items were missing from the W Shop! The only item left is the "First Snow Christmas Tree", so we hope that all of you had a chance to stock up on all the Holiday items while you could!

Along with this departure of the Holiday items, Ganz gave us a new Webkinz Pet of the Month item, which can be seen to the left.  It's called the "Magic 9 Ball", which is just like the "Magic 8 Ball" that we all know and love, except it's yellow!

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drupal_mosgoogle center

We gave our "Magic 9 Ball" a few shakes by clicking on it, and here are a few screenshots of the messages that it outputs when you click on it.  My personal favorite is the last one!

Kinz Post Changes
One of the major changes that was noticed by all was a change to Kinz Post.  The "Free" wrapping paper in Kinz Post is now gone, so you can only pick fancy wrapping paper that costs extra.  From what we can gather, it appears to be in preparation for the Webkinz School Supplies, that are rumored to come with codes that you can use for "special" wrapping paper in Kinz Post.

Login Changes
Also this afternoon, which was near Webkinz.Com's peak time, many noticed a new login "popup" after you enter your username and password.  This short wait is probably designed to help with the extreme user loads that Webkinz World sees every day! Once the peak time had passed, this "popup" no longer appeared, so it may be something that Ganz was testing, or only puts in place when the number of users playing in Webkinz World is very high.

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