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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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BREAKING NEWS: Member Gets Webkinz Bags, Figurines, Trading Cards!

Our very own marcopolo, a moderator in our WebkinzInsider forum, is the first WI user to activate the new coded Webkinz purses, bags and figurines, and Series 2 Trading Cards and post pictures for everyone to see!

Since she is the only user to get her hands on these so far, any details on how they work are a guess, but here is what we think, based on the prizes received.  We believe that you get a random "purse/bag" prize with each code, but they are similar to the Pet of the Month items, where you will not get duplicates until you have one of each.  On the sixth activation, you receive the "Grand Prize Wardrobe Box".  Marcopolo bought one of each purse, so we're not sure what happens when you activate the seventh code, but we do know that these are some VERY cool prizes: new furniture, a waterfall, appliances and wardrobes!

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drupal_mosgoogle center

There are six coded bags: green camo carrier, pink camo carrier, pink with flowers purse, purple with flowers purse, denim with leopard trim purse, pink leopard trim purse.  We're not sure about the reference to the "Webkinz eStore", but I'm sure we'll find out soon!

Here are screenshots of the codes in order as marcopolo entered them:

Her first bag gave her a "High End Fridge", shown below, it holds 15 items:

Her second bag gave her a "Night and Day Chair".  The chair changes color, depending on whether it is day or night! This picture shown is during the day, and we think it gets a deep blue at night.

Her third bag gave her a "Large Garden Waterfall".  The waterfall is animated and must go outside.

Her fourth bag gave her a "High End Stainless Steel Stove".

Her fifth bag gave her a "Modular Sofa Expansion Pack".

The sixth bag yielded the grand prize, a "Wardrobe Gift Box".

The choices include the Magical Webkinz Wardrobe, that we've already seen, and 3 more: Magnificent Antique Wardrobe
Spectacular Pink Wardrobe, Fantastic Fall Wardrobe.

Webkinz Figurine
The figurine gives you an in-game figurine that matches the one you entered the code for.  The figurine can be placed on tables, and when you activate your first one, you get a Display Box that can be hung on the wall.  Each figurine also has its own "PSI" of sorts.  If you look closely at the bottom of the cabinet, you will notice "Series 1", so it appears that we'll be seeing more of these in the future!

Trading Cards Series 2
So far, marcopolo has only entered one feature code, and it gave her a piece of the TC 2.0 furniture, so you can all get a good look at what this new theme will probably look like!

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