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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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BREAKING NEWS: Member Wins Haiku Contest, Webkinz Hourlies Added!

You may remember about two weeks ago, when one of our members, WhiteTerrierGirl07, was the runner-up in the Haiku Contest.  We've been working with another of our forum users, Beaglies2, who was the winner of the Haiku contest!

While they didn't have a screenshot of the "contest winner letter", they invited COWS4YOU over to their Webkinz's house so she could take a picture of the EXTREMELY RARE Writing Trophy that they received for winning the contest! The only way to get any of the writing trophies is to win a contest!

Congratulations to Beaglies2 for submitting the winning haiku and receiving this awesome prize! When asked what they wanted us to say, they replied with: "I wrote the Haiku at the 11th hour and hit send, without thinking I'd ever win! I sure do wish I had written it down now. It's pretty awesome for me as I've never won anything before and I love the "Writing Trophy." It's really special."

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To complement our Webkinz Daily Activity schedule, I have added a new feature to the forum.  Just below the "Daily Rares" module, you will now see an "Activities" module.  Clicking the title will bring you to our Daily Activity Schedule at any time.  The more important part is what is contained in the module.  Every hour, the system will check our Daily Activity Schedule and update the hourly activities for the current time!

Many users, myself included, have missed out on some of the really good hourly activities because we've been busy on WI and had forgotten to log in.  Now, you can quickly glance to the left at any time and make sure that you haven't missed out on something really good!

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