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BREAKING NEWS: Schnauzer, Member Unlocks Charms, WI Webkinz Cookbook!

We have quite a few pieces of news for all you Insiders!

First, we have an update from the Webkinz Charm Forest.  One of the members from our forum, connie1234, has become the first WI user to announce that she's unlocked all the Virtual Charms in her Charm Box!

Second, I've received word from KLDKinzmom who, if you don't remember, was the user who found the previously unknown Webkinz Schnauzer! She spoke with Ganz technical support today and was told to call them back on January 23rd to find out if the Schnauzer had been added to Webkinz World yet.  Since it hasn't been added to Webkinz World, she cannot register the pet, or else her account will have an error until it is added to the system, which won't be earlier than January 23rd! For anyone else who happened to get it early, call Ganz first before you register it!!

Finally, in the theme of the front page of Webkinz World today, I've just finished my WI Webkinz Cookbook application for all of you to enjoy!

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Charm Forest News
Here are connie1234's pictures of her charm box, fully unlocked! Everyone congratulate her on this accomplishment!

As many of you may already know, there is currently a glitch in the Charm Forest that gives you the Charm Tiara when you unlock the Dining Set, rather than when the entire collection is unlocked.  Ganz is aware of the glitch and are working to fix it, and the Charm Forest Tiara is intended to be the Grand Prize for the unlocking all of the Virtual Charms.

Connie1234 also asked about what prizes would be available now that she'd unlocked everything, and was informed that the Charm Forest, unlike Arte's Gem Hunt, will not award any more prizes, other than Kinz Cash, food and T-shirts.

WI Webkinz Cookbook
Based on input and my own experience with cooking in Webkinz World, I've put together a WI Cookbook Application.  This tool can be reached at any time by clicking the "Webkinz Information Center" at the top of any page on WI, or direct selection by pulling down the "Webkinz Information Center" menu and clicking on the "WI Webkinz Cookbook" on the menu.  The direct link to the cookbook is:

This cookbook has the following features, and, I hope, everything you could ever want to cook for your Webkinz!

It includes:
  1. Pictures of all recipes, secret, solved & unsolved.
  2. Searching for recipes by name
  3. Categorizing names by appliance
  4. Showing all recipes from Stovetop, Blender or Sandwich Maker
  5. Showing all Unsolved Recipes
  6. Printable versions of the Stovetop, Blender, Sandwich Maker, & Unsolved Recipes
  7. Searching for Recipes by Ingredient
  8. Limiting the Ingredient searches by a "minimum" number of ingredients
I've made it as "pictorial" as possible so those of you that are still learning to read (or for parents who have kids still learning to read) can easily find cool recipes to make for your Webkinz!

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