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5 New Recipes In Webkinz World, Runner-Up in Haiku Contest!!

Along with the new Christmas items that were introduced to the W Shop, it appears that Ganz has added 5 more recipes to Webkinz World.  Users that have been activating Chihuahuas (this month's Webkinz Pet of the Month) have reported receiving these new recipes in the "loot bags".  That brings the total of recent new recipes to 25, 6 of which have been solved, shown in the following articles:
  • Miellabeelado -- mytoogirlz
  • Florbuzzal Buggaburst -- skatakyle
  • Trickle Treacle -- Auntkinz
  • Turretango Twist -- Cormac07
  • Astormishing Sandwich -- WebkinzFan2012
  • Slippamarink Sandwich -- FamousDog
We're always very impressed with the creativity on the names of these recipes and these 5 new ones don't disappoint!

[... Read More for Images of the Recipes and the Haiku ...]

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Just the Best Bagels
Ocean Bubbly Glubs
Wishful Whirlawhip

If you're interested in helping out in solving these new recipes and the others that still haven't been solved, head to the Webkinz recipes section of our forum.

Haiku Contest Runner-Up
One of our members was the runner-up in the Haiku contest! Congratulations! Here's their post from the forum:
AND THE RUNNER UP IS: Angela -WhiterTerrierGirl07

We just wanted to share some exciting news. My daughter Angela (WW ID-WhiteTerrierGirl07) just recieved a letter from Webkinz stating that she was the runner up in the Nov haiku contest. She recieved 200 kinzcash as a prize. She's soooo excited because she's never won anything in her life. Unfortunately we didn't get a screen shot before we closed the letter and now I can re-open it.

Way to go Angela, good job!

Here's her poem:

Red, green, yellow, brown
Are colors all over town
Is Autumn a clown?

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