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BREAKING NEWS: Christmas, Snow in Webkinz World, New Charm!!

Christmas has arrived in Webkinz World!!! A bunch of new items were added to the W Shop this morning, some old, some new, but all welcome, as users in our forum have been clamoring for them ever since Thanksgiving! In addition to the new items, Ganz has blessed our yards in Webkinz World with a blanket of snow!! Don't worry, your gardens won't die and your pools won't freeze over.  Here's a picture of COWS4YOU's yard covered in snow:

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New Webkinz Charm
Alberta95, a user from our forum, has discovered a new Webkinz Charm! It's in the shape of a Kinz Cash coin and is gold! We've heard rumors of silver and gold coins being added to Webkinz World, having values of $2500 and $5000, so maybe the charm has something to do with these items!

Christmas Items
Christmas items have been added to the W Shop.  Shop early and get them while you can, don't wait til the last minute! It says "Available until early January" which could mean January 1st, so make sure to do all your shopping in December to be safe!

I'll start with all of the Christmas trees.  Each tree is a little different, and they all light up when you click on them.  The only restrictions on them is that the Grand Christmas Tree must be placed outside in your yard and the Classic Tree can only be placed inside your house.

Here are the candy cane and the Magic W Snowglobe.

These plush toys are a brand-new addition to the Christmas line-up.  In years past, it was the Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear, but now we have Webkinz character-related plush toys for our Webkinz to play with!

Finally, we get to the clothing.  There are a few new pieces of clothing added for Christmas.  As we all know, the Red Santa suit is now a Kinz Style item, so it likely will not be added to the W Shop this Christmas.  The Holiday Night Dress and Holiday House Coat are brand-new items this Christmas.

Finally, the Green Santa Suit.  This was a very rare item up to this point and was previously offered only during the Christmas of 2005, and has surprised us all with its return!!

We hope you stock up on all the Christmas items and decorate your snow-covered yards for Christmas! Come on over to the forum if you'd like to chat!

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