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NEWSFLASH: Webkinz Insider Member Discovers Chipmunk Costume Pattern!

It's been a few days since the Chipmunk Costume ads hit Webkinz World and they are much less common than they were on the first night they appeared.  Members in our forum have been scrambling to find a pattern on when the ads appear and javogabo has done it!

I have verified her strategy outlined below.  I logged in at 10:24 am, and saw regular Kinzville Academy ads as I clicked back and forth between the newspaper and the Webkinz Daily Activities.  At 10:25 am, I got a waffle ad.  Then, nothing after that, until it turned exactly 10:27 am Kinz Time, which gave me three costumes in a row!! Theodore costume, then next click was a Simon costume, and then an Alvin costume!

It doesn't always come three in a row like that, but our users are reporting that this strategy is nearly 100% accurate, so for those of you that don't have any costumes (or just want more), continue reading the article for javogabo's strategy!From about 1:45 PM Kinz Time to 2:30 Kinz Time on Thursday, December 6th, there was a glitch with the costumes! You could get an unlimited amount of costumes nearly every time by clicking back and forth between the newspaper and the Daily Activities! It looks like it has been corrected, and some people aren't seeing any ads at all now. Congrats to those who were able to stock up![... Read More ...]

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Here is javogabo's quoted post from her Chipmunk Costume times theory thread.  Make sure to stop by and thank her for this great strategy!

Ok, after getting costumes each day, I noticed a pattern. So, for anyone having trouble - I have been able to get one of each costume, plus some waffles, each day following a simple formula... - at :03, :07, :11, :15, :19, :23, :27, :31 , :35, :39, :43, :47, :51, :55 or :59 (4 minute intervals confirmed by fellow WIers!!! The bolded numbers are the ones that I can personally vouch for!!) after the hour begins start clicking back and forth between newspaper and daily activities. Once you get one ad, click it to get your prize, then keep clicking back and forth during that minute that you got the first one - the rest of the ads should come your way!! Now, my time is rather limited during the day, and this is very successful for me within minutes of logging in. If it works for you following this pattern, please post so we can verify it!!! Make sure that your KINZTIME is accurate!!! If it is a bit whack (like at the top of the hour change over) log out then log back in!!!

(Some people are a minute "off" of this schedule have have been getting them in 4 minute intervals like listed above but just a minute later than the times posted above!!! (so that would be :04, :08 etc)). Find out which one works for you!!!

The Rules for costume acquisition:
  1. It appears that most people are only able to get one set of costumes plus one waffle ad a day. There have been very few exceptions. If you get all the ads at 8:35, you shouldn't get any more until the next day!!
  2. Internet speed (dial ups) or firewalls might affect this pattern for you - you might not get any ads what so ever oryou might get one ad every 4 to 8 minutes as opposed to all four at once!!.
  3. These times are your best chances for getting costumes, but it is NOT set in stone (not a guarantee that if you search then, you will get one!!). If the first time doesn't work for you, try again during another time slot!!

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